Creating new protection concepts

Secure Bike is born to bring to reality new concepts of anti-theft security for the bike sector that really fulfill its purpose: to avoid your bike is stolen. Our mission is to conceive, develop and commercialize anti-theft solutions that allow at a very reasonable cost to have the highest level of protection and with a comfortable use.
For this purpose Secure Bike was founded in the year 2016 by two engineers with extensive professional experience in the naval, industrial, telecommunications and space sectors and is based on first-level suppliers in the powerful industrial networks of the metallurgical sector of Catalonia, Aragonand Valencia.

Disruptive innovation

In Secure Bike we enjoy innovating with new and imaginative solutions to achieve high anti-theft protection through simple and comfortable to use mechanisms.

Technology and professionalism

We watch over all the links of the value chain applying best practices at all stages of product life: design, production, distribution and after-sales.

Top tier providers

We focus on engineering and marketing and we support the best specialists in metallurgical manufacturing, logisticsand retail.